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Research and Development

For economic reasons, small gas turbines are normally used for R & D projects. SGT has assisted in the design of suitable research rigs, supplying and commissioning complete power plants for Industry, Ministry of Defence and Universities, such as Cranfield.


Farnborough F1
Artists Impression of the Farnborough F1

Programmes have included the installation of American, British, Canadian and Czech gas turbines into platforms, for land, sea and air projects. e.g. the design of the powerplant for the Farnborough F1, composite business aircraft.


SGT has worked very closely with several Universities on powerplants. Design of test beds, along with the supply of engines and equipment, plus the commissioning of the research rigs, have been carried out.

ARV Super 2
ARV Super 2 for flight testing the piston engine.

One interesting project was to improve the efficiencies of small piston aero engines, by the application of advances in materials and technology.

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